100 Popular Mexican Baby Names: With Meanings (2024)

Mexico is a beautiful mixture of Indigenous, Spanish-influenced, and uniquely modern Mexican culture. Mexican baby names reflect this long, complex history and the unique way in which the country has evolved.

Compiled by a writer who knows Mexico, its history, and its peoples, this list of 100 Mexican names draws examples from indigenous peoples, 400 years of Spanish rule, and the unique, cultural melting pot that has evolved since the inception of the modern country of Mexico.

100 Mexican Names for Boys & Girls

From Indigenous to modern, here are our favorite boy names and girl names from Mexico.

1. Alejandro

The Spanish form of Alexander, Alejandro means “defender of man.”

The 2010 Lady GaGa song “Alejandro” courted controversy because of the video’s use of religious iconography. However, that didn’t stop it from reaching number one on the Monitor Latino chart in Mexico.

2. Alberto

Alberto is a Spanish form of Albert, meaning “noble and bright.”

Alberto Del Rio is the ring name of WWE wrestler José Alberto Rodríguez Chucuan. The first Mexican-born WWE Champion, Rodríguez, is the only wrestler who has won WWE, (WWE) World Heavyweight, CMLL World Heavyweight Champion, GFW Global, AAA Mega, and Impact World championships.

3. Andrés

Andrés is an Icelandic and Spanish form of Andrew, meaning “manly.”

Andrés Guardado is the current Captain of Mexico’s international soccer team. A national player with over 100 caps, he is also a star of the Amazon Prime series “Six Dreams,” which follows life in the Spanish Football League.

4. Ángel

The Spanish name Ángel means “angel” or “messenger.”

This boy name works well in countries where the primary language is Spanish. However, in English-speaking countries, Ángel is assumed to be the girl name, Angel.

5. Atlahua

Atlahua is a Nahuatl name, meaning “Lord of the Spear Thrower.”

Atlahua is a Nahuatl god of water, and some people also translate this name to mean “Lord of Water” or “Lord of the water’s edge.”

6. Arturo

The Spanish form of Arthur, Arturo means “bear-like man.”

Mexican actor Arturo Cacho was nicknamed “El Bigotón” or “the mustache” because of his distinctive facial hair. He was so well-known by this name that some movies listed him as “El Bigotón” in the credits.

7. Axel

Axel is a Danish name, meaning “my father is peace.”

Although Axel isn’t a name that began in Mexico, it’s included here because it was the 38th most popular boy name in the country at the time of this writing.

8. Aztlán

Aztlán is a Nahuatl name of uncertain meaning.

The possibly mythical homeland, Aztlán, may have been in what is now north-west Mexico, or the south-west US.

Some theories suggest it means “place of the heron,” but this is unproven.

9. Balam

The Mayan name Balam means “jaguar.”

Many pre-Columbian Myan rulers were named Balam, and the name is incorporated into multiple place-names that are now archaeological sites. For example, Balamku in the state of Campeche.

10. Carlos

Carlos is the Spanish form of Charles, which means “man or warrior.”

One of the 20th century’s most prominent bullfighters, Carlos Arruza was one of the top Spanish matadors of the 1940s. After retiring to his birthplace, Mexico, Arruza came out of retirement as a rejoneador.

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11. César

From the Roman name Caesar, César means “hairy.”

César Millan, also known as the Dog Whisperer, is a TV host, writer, and dog training expert whose books and TV shows are popular in over 80 countries.

12. Cristian

Cristian is a Spanish name, meaning “Christian.”

Mexico is one of the few countries where the name Cristian is used for both boys and girls.

13. Damián

The Spanish form of Damian, Damián means “to tame.”

If you choose this Spanish version of Damian, be prepared for everyone to use the English pronunciation, DAY-mee-ən, rather than the correct Spanish pronunciation of da-MYAN.

14. David

David is a Hebrew name that means “uncle” or “beloved.”

Although the name David doesn’t stand out as being a Mexican boy name, it is a popular Mexican boy name.

The only countries to have more Davids than Mexico are the US and England.

15. Diego

Diego is a Spanish name that may mean “teaching.”

One theory about the name Diego comes from medieval Europe, where Diego was written in Latin as Didacus, which may come from the Greek word didache, meaning “teaching.” Other theories suggest Diego is short for Santiago, meaning “Saint James.”

16. Eduardo

This Spanish form of Edward means “rich guardian.”

Eduardo Kac is an artist whose works combine art, biotechnology, and ethical dilemmas. Kac used molecular biology in one art piece, adding jellyfish DNA to a rabbit, which resulted in an animal that glows green under blue light.

17. Ehecatl

The Nahuatl name Ethecatl means “wind.”

At the last verified count, there were 204 people, globally, with the forename Ehecatl making it the 633,892nd most common first name on the planet. There’s one Ehecatl in Turkey, two in the US, and 201 in Mexico.

18. Elías

Elías is a Spanish name, meaning “my God is Yahweh.”

Elías is a form of Elija, which is used in multiple languages, including Spanish, German, and Dutch. As such, it is also a relative of the English language name Elliot.

19. Emiliano

Emiliano is a Spanish name, meaning “rival.”

Emiliano evolved from an ancient Roman cognomen, Aemilianus. A cognomen is similar to a nickname, and they were used frequently by the Romans because they had relatively few names in everyday use.

20. Emmanuel

The Hebrew name Emmanuel means “God is with us.”

Emmanuel comes from the Hebrew, “Immanu’el.” In the Jewish faith, the word immanuel is a sign God will protect the House of David. In the Christian faith, it is seen as a prophecy of Christ.

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21. Fernando

The Spanish name Fernando means “brave journey.”

Politician, diplomat, and lawyer Fernando González Roa supported Victoriano Huerta, who came to power after the 1913 coup d’état. However, his career recovered because he was close friends with Venustiano Carranza and Álvaro Obregón.

22. Francisco

Francisco is a Spanish name, meaning “Frenchman.”

You may be surprised to discover Francisco has never been out of the US top 1,000 boy names. Its peak of popularity was in 1991 when it was #114, with 2,906 new Franciscos born that year.

23. Gabriel

The Hebrew name Gabriel means “God is my strong man.”

In Islamic tradition, Gabriel was the angel who dictated the Qoran to Mohammed. In Christian tradition, he told Mary of the birth of Jesus, and in Christian and Hebrew tradition, he interpreted the visions of the prophet Daniel.

24. Gael

A Spanish name Gael refers to a Gaelic speaker.

An ethnolinguistic group, the Gaels are from Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Mann, a people united by the common language of Gaelic.

25. Huehueteotl

Huehueteotl is a Nahuatl name, meaning “turquoise (year) lord.”

At the time of writing, there was only one recorded person named Huehueteotl, and that person is Mexican. Perhaps this is because one element of worship for the god Huehueteotl was human sacrifice.

26. Iker

A Basque name, Iker, means “visitation.”

Iker is the Basque version of the Spanish girl name Visitación, which refers to the Virgin Mary visiting her cousin, Elizabeth.

27. Javier

A Spanish name, Javier, means “the new house.”

Javier evolved from Xavier, which in turn comes from the Basque place-name Etxeberria. A Jesuit priest, Etxeberria, was named after the village in which he was born. This was then adopted as a surname and eventually a forename.

28. Jesús

The Spanish form of Jesus, Jesús means savior.

This Spanish form of Jesus is pronounced as “khey-SOOS” or “zaa-SOOS” depending on which part of the world you live in. Jesús is never pronounced like the English language name Jesus.

29. José Ángel

José Ángel combines José and Ángel into a single name.

Luchador José Ángel Vargas Sánchez was better known by his ring name Ángel Blanco. For the majority of his career, he was an enmascarado or masked wrestler.

30. Josué

Josué is a Spanish form of Joshua, meaning “God is salvation.”

There are multiple pronunciations of Josué, and to add to the complexity, you may sometimes see Josué written as Josuè and Josue, each of which also has its own pronunciation. The most common pronunciation for Josué is “kho-SWEH.”

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31. Juan Carlos

The Spanish name Juan Carlos means John Charles.

A compound version of two English language forenames: John and Charles. John is from the Hebrew name Yochanan, meaning “Yahweh is gracious.” Charles is from a Germanic name, meaning “man” or “warrior.”

32. Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo is the Spanish form of John Paul.

Juan Pablo is one of the rare double names that exist in multiple languages. In French, it is Jean-Paul and in Italian Giampaolo. John means “Yahweh is gracious,” and Paul is a Roman surname, meaning “humble, small.

33. Leonardo

Leonardo is the Spanish and Italian form of Leonard, meaning “brave lion.”

Leonardo is the nickname given to a fossil of a Brachylophosaurus dinosaur discovered in 2000. The fossil is a mummified sub-adult and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records to be the best-preserved dinosaur remains ever found.

34. Mateo

Mateo is the Spanish form of Matthew, meaning “a gift from God.”

Mateo was the stage name of American R&B singer-songwriter Iman Jordan. He changed his professional name to his birthname, Iman, after coming out as gay.

35. Matías

The Spanish name Matías means “gift from God.”

In Swedish, Finnish, and Portuguese this name is unaccented. Across the world, the unaccented form is the more common of the two. In Mexico, there are 20,033 people with the name Matias but only 43 named Matías.

36. Mauricio

Mauricio means “dark-skinned” or “Moorish.”

Award-winning Mexican painter and sculptor Mauricio Galguera says he likes to produce his works in series, allowing him to explore his themes in depth.

37. Maximiliano

Maximiliano is a Spanish name, meaning “greatest.”

While some people feel Maximiliano is too long, grandiose, or clunky to be a practical modern name, we love the lyrical rhythm and would like to see this Mexican boy name in use more often.

38. Popocatépetl

Popocatépetl is a Nahuatl name that means “smoking mountain.”

Popocatépetl is the name of an active stratovolcano in Mexico. It is also the country’s second-highest peak and is known by the affectionate name, El Popo.

39. Rafael

Rafael evolved from a Hebrew name that means “God heals.”

In Spain and Croatia, the name day for Rafael is September 29th. Meanwhile, in Hungary, it’s June 20th, and in Sweden, it’s March 24th, so Rafael could be your Mexican name of choice for a boy born on any of these days.

40. Rodrigo

The Spanish name Rodrigo means “famous ruler.”

Internationally, common nicknames for Rodrigo are the Galacian “Roi,” the Portuguese language “Rui” and “Ruy,” and the Spanish language “Ruy.” However, where English is the predominant language, you’re more likely to hear the less romantic-sounding nickname, Rod.

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41. Santiago

Santiago is a Spanish name that means “Saint James.”

Santiago is a combined form of the words “Santo,” the Spanish word for Saint, and “Yago,” the Old Spanish form of James. Saint James is the patron saint of Spain. This is why there are so many cities named Santiago in countries colonized by the Spanish.

42. Sebastián

Sebastián is a Latin name, meaning “from Sebaste.”

The place-name Sebaste comes from the Greek word sebastos, which means “venerable.” This is the Greek equivalent of the Ancient Roman word Augustus, a title given to emperors.

Multiple towns were named Sebaste in honor of Roman rulers.

43. Tadeo

The Spanish name Tadeo may mean “heart.”

Tadeo is the Spanish form of Thaddeus, which is from the Aramaic name Thaddai, which may come from a word that means “heart.” However, an alternative theory is that Thaddai is an Aramaic form of Theodore, meaning “gift from God.”

44. Tenoch

Tenoch is a Nahuatl name, meaning “stone” or “prickly cactus.”

A 14th-century leader of the Aztec, Tenoch had a vision of an eagle perched upon a prickly pear with a snake in its beak. When he saw this in reality, he founded Tenochtitlan, which later became Mexico City.

45. Tlaloc

The Nahuatl name Tlaloc means “of the Earth.”

In Aztec mythology, Tlaloc was the supreme god of rain, the earth’s fertility, and water. He was also associated with springs, caves, and mountains.

46. Uriel

A Hebrew name, Uriel, means “God is my light.”

In addition to being a Hebrew boy name, Uriel is one of the Anglicized forms of Oirialla, a medieval kingdom and people in Ireland.

47. Xipe

The Nahuatl name Xipe means “the flayed one.”

Xipe Totec was an Aztec god of agriculture, vegetation, and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. He was said to shed his skin, like a snake, to provide food to humanity. Xipe was also said to have invented warfare.

48. Xiuhtecuhtli

A Nahuatl name, Xiuhtecuhtli, means “turquoise Lord.”

The Nahuatl word xihuitl means “turquoise,” “fire,” and sometimes “year.” Xiuhtecuhtli was the Lord of Fire who was depicted adorned in turquoise. He was also the Lord of Year, with the Aztec believing him to be the North Star.

49. Xquenda

The Zapotec name Xquenda means “essence, soul, spirit.”

Mexican singer Susana Harp entitled her first album Xquenda and subsequently formed the Xquenda Cultural Foundation. The foundation seeks to support artists expressing their cultural roots.

50. Yacatecuhtli

The Nahuatl name Yacatecuhtli means “Lord of the Nose.”

At the time of this writing, only one person in the world is registered with the name Yacatecuhtli, making Yacatecuhtli a good choice if you’re searching for a unique Mexican forename.

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51. Adelita

Adelita is a Spanish name that means “noble.”

La Adelita is a famous corrido about a woman soldier in the Mexican Revolution. Consequently, Adelitas became another word for the Soldaderas, the female revolutionary soldiers.

52. Alondra

Alondra is a Mexican name, meaning “lark.”

Award-winning academic, writer, and researcher, Alondra Nelson focuses on the intersection of science, medicine, technology, and racial inequity. In 2021 Nelson was appointed the White House’s deputy director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

53. Ana Sofía

The Spanish name Ana Sofía means “grace and wisdom.”

Rather than the English-language pronunciation that makes this sound like two equal names – ANNA-so-FIA, the correct Spanish pronunciation is a single, coherent name a-na-so-FEE-a.

54. Anayeli

Anayeli is a Zapotec name that may mean “open.”

Anayeli is a variant of the Zapotec name Nayalie. Nayalie comes from the word nayele, which means “open,” or the phrase “nadxiie lii,” which means “I love you.”

55. Aracelis

Aracelis is from Latin. It means “altar of heaven” or “altar of the sky.”

Aracelis is a uniquely Latin American form of the Spanish girl name Araceli. Araceli was a descriptive phrase used about the Virgin Mary.

56. Beatriz

The Spanish form of Beatrix, Beatriz means “traveler.”

In the DC comics universe, Beatriz da Costa is a superhero from Brazil. She used the name Green Fury, which she later changed to Green Flame. On joining the Justice League, her name changed once again to Fire.

57. Carina

Carina is from the Late Latin cara, meaning “beloved” or “dear.”

Carina is the name of a constellation in the southern sky. In this case, it comes from the word for the keel of a ship. Carina forms part of the larger constellation Argo Navis, said to be the ship, Argo.

58. Catalina

Catalina is the Spanish form of Katherine, which is a name of disputed meaning.

Catalina is a familiar name in Spanish-speaking countries. But for non-Spanish speakers in the US, Catalina usually brings to mind the island off the California coast. So, to the uninformed, it may look like you’ve adopted a place-name.

59. Concepción

Concepción means “conception” and has the popular affectionate nickname, Conchita. Conchita is also the Spanish word for shell, with roots in the Latin concha, or “shellfish.”

60. Dulce

Dulce means “candy” or “sweet” in Spanish.

Dulce is a soundtrack album by the American experimental rock group “Sun City Girls.” It’s the soundtrack for a documentary by a purported member of the Japanese doomsday cult, Aum Shinrikyo.

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61. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is Spanish for “emerald.”

In the Victor Hugo novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” Esmeralda is a French Roma girl who was kidnapped, brought to Paris, mistreated by many men, and hanged. It’s somewhat different from the Disney version.

62. Esperanza

A Spanish name, Esperanza means “to hope.”

Mexican-born painter Esperanza Martínez is known for her images of rural Mexican life, pastel images of Native Americans, and formal portraits of various Mexican Americans. When she was 30, Martinez moved to California, living there until her death.

63. Estefanía

The Spanish name Estefanía means “that which surrounds.”

Estefanía is the Spanish, feminine form of Stephen, which comes from the Greek name Stephano. The exact meaning is “that which surrounds,” but it is also taken to mean “crown” or “wreath.”

64. Estrella

Estrella is the Spanish form of the Latin name Stella, meaning “star.”

In 2019, Estrella Vasquez was featured on the cover of Mexican Vogue and also appeared in British Vogue. Vasquez identifies as a “muxe,” a transgender woman from Mexico, where muxe is often viewed as a third gender.

65. Fabiola

Fabiola is a Spanish name, meaning “bean.”

Fabiola began as an affectionate nickname for girls called Fabia. Fabia is the feminine form of the masculine forename Fabius, which started as a Roman family name.

66. Graciela

Graciela is a Spanish name, meaning “grace.”

There are approximately 232,850 Gracielas in Mexico, where it is the 105th most common name. In the US, it is the 969th most common name with around 43,450 Gracielas.

67. Guadalupe

Guadalupe is a Spanish place-name.

The site of a famous Spanish convent, Guadalupe comes from the Arabic word “wadi” which means “valley” or “river.” It may be combined with the Spanish word lupe, meaning “wolf,” making the meaning “valley of the wolf.”

68. Guillermina

Guillermina is a Spanish name, meaning “will, desire” and “helmet, protection.”

Actress, singer, and equestrienne Guillermina Jiménez Chabolla was better known by her stage name, Flor Silvestre. Silvestre’s unique singing style earned her multiple nicknames, including “La Voz Que Acaricia” or “The Voice That Caresses.”

69. Itzel

Itzel is a Mayan name of disputed meaning.

One theory says Itzel comes from the Myan word “itz,” meaning ”nectar, dew, fluid.” The other possibility is that Itzel is a variant of Ixchel, meaning “rainbow lady.” Ixchel was a Myan goddess of medicine, the earth, and the moon.

70. Isabel

The Spanish form of Elizabeth, Isabel means “my God is an oath.”

Isabel, Isabela, and Ysabel are all forms of the same name in Spanish-speaking countries. It is difficult to tell which format is most prevalent in Mexico because multiple official sources have conflicting information.

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71. Josefina

Josefina is a Spanish name, meaning “he will add.”

The American Girl series of dolls features a doll named Josefina Montoya. The books about Josefina show her as a Mexican girl whose mother dies before the books begin and tell of her life adjusting to changes in her extended family.

72. Juana

The Spanish name Juana means “Yahweh is gracious.”

As the Spanish form of Joanna, Juana can also be considered the feminine form of Juan. Both names trace their roots to the Hebrew name Yochanan, from which the meaning “Yahweh is gracious” comes.

73. Lourdes

From the French town of the same name, Lourdes means “craggy slope.”

Mexican filmmaker Lourdes Portillo won her first award for a documentary about the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. Born in Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, Portillo’s work is often analyzed by academics in Chicana/o Studies.

74. Magdalena

Magdalena is a Latinate form of Magdalene, meaning “of Magdala.”

Magdala was a significant ancient city on the Sea of Galilee’s shore. Mary Magdalene is described in the Christian New Testament as a follower of Jesus who was present at his crucifixion and resurrection.

75. Manuela

Manuela is a Spanish name, meaning “God is with us.”

Manuela Ímaz is a Mexican actress from Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico. Ímaz began her career as a host on Telehit, a channel similar to the original MTV.

76. María Guadalupe

The Mexican name María Guadalupe combines two traditional Spanish names.

María Guadalupe was the 10th most common name for newborn girls in 2014, with María meaning “bitter” or “of the sea” and Guadalupe likely meaning “valley of the wolf.”

77. María José

María José is a Mexican name, meaning “Mary Joseph.”

María José was created using the Anglicized forms of Jesus Christ’s parents, Miryam and Yosef, or Mary and Joseph. Mary could mean “rebelliousness,” “wished-for child,” or “sea of bitterness.” Joseph means “He will add.”

78. Marisol

A Spanish name, Marisol, means “sea and sun.”

Marisol blends the Spanish words “mar,” “y,” and “sol” for the literal meaning “of sea and sun.” However, it is also a short version of María de la Soledad or “Our Lady of Solitude,” one of the titles of the Virgin Mary.

79. Mayte

Mayte is a Spanish name combining Maria and Teressa.

Mayte is a variant spelling of the Spanish name Maite and both root names, Maria and Teressa, are of disputed meaning. Maite is also a Basque name that means “loveable.”

80. Monserrat

The Catalan name Monserrat means jagged mountain.

Monserrat is a variation of the Catalan forename Montserrat, which is the name of a mountain near the Spanish city of Barcelona.

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81. Natalia

Natalia is a Late Latin name, meaning “Christmas Day.”

Natalia Lafourcade is a Mexican singer-songwriter in the pop, rock, and folk genres. A lyrical soprano, Lafourcade has achieved international success. She is especially known for a performance of the Oscar-winning song “Remember Me” from the Pixar movie Coco.

82. Nayeli

Nayeli is a Zapotec name of disputed meaning.

One theory of Nayeli’s meaning is that it comes from the Zapotec phrase nadxiie lii, meaning “I love you.” The other is that it’s from the Zapotec word “nayele’,” meaning “open.”

83. Nicte

A Mayan name, Nicte means “flower.”

Mayan legend tells of a man who prayed for a daughter as beautiful as the stars. His daughter was born but died soon afterward, a star he was allowed to borrow but returned to the sky. A tree, the sak nicté, grew on her grave.

84. Ofelia

Ofelia is a Spanish form of Ophelia, meaning “advantage” or “help.”

Guillermo del Toro’s 2006 fantasy “Pan’s Labyrinth” tells of Ofelia, a child who believes herself to be the reincarnation of a fairy tale princess, Moanna.

85. Regina

Regina means “queen” in Latin.

“Regina: a musical for an awaking nation” is a Mexican musical theater production based on the book “Regina” by Antonio Velasco Piña. It tells the story of a girl born from the union of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes.

86. Renata

Renata is a Late Roman name that means “born again.”

Renata has recently become more popular in the US than in Mexico. However, it is most prevalent in Brazil, where two percent of people with the name Renata are male.

87. Romina

Romina is an Italian name, meaning “Roman.”

Romina Powers is an American actress and singer and the daughter of Mexican actress Linda Christian, the first Bond girl to appear on film.

88. Rosa

Rosa is probably a Latin form of the name Rose.

While most people believe the name Rose comes from the flower, it’s actually from a Germanic name Hrodohaidis, meaning “famous type.” The name was introduced to English by the Normans as Rohese.

89. Rosario

The Spanish name Rosario means “rosary.”

Nuestra Señora del Rosario is a Spanish title for the Virgin Mary, meaning “Our Lady of the Rosary.” The name Rosario comes from this title.

90. Sacnicte

The Mayan name Sacnicte means “white flower.”

In Mayan mythology, Sac Nicte is a betrothed princess who falls in love with Canek, king of the Itzá. Canek and 60 soldiers swoop in, rescuing her from the alter and fleeing to found a new city.

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91. Socorro

Socorro is a Spanish name that means “relief.”

Socorro is one of many Mexican girl names of religious significance. This one comes from María del Socorro, a title of the Virgin Mary, meaning “Our Lady of Succour.”

92. Sofía

This Spanish evolution of Sophia means “wisdom.”

The name Sophia is thought to have arisen from a medieval misunderstanding of the name of the Hagia Sophia, which means “Holy Wisdom,” a place of worship.

93. Valentina

Valentina is from the Roman cognomen Valens, meaning “healthy, vigorous, strong.”

While generally considered a Russian name, and there are more Valentinas in Russia than anywhere else, Valentina is also the preferred form of this name in Spanish.

94. Valeria

The Spanish name Valeria means “to be strong.”

Valeria is a 2020 comedy-drama developed by María López Castaño for Netflix. Set in Spain, the title character, Valeria, is a writer who feels that something’s missing in her writing and marriage.

95. Xiadani

Xiadani is a Zapotec name that means “the flower that has arrived.”

The beautiful meaning of this name makes it a fitting nature name for girls and a traditional forename of the Zapotec people of Southern Mexico.

96. Ximena

Ximena is a Basque name of unknown meaning.

Also spelled Jimena, Ximena comes from the masculine Basque name Jemino, which comes from another Basque name, sem*n. sem*n may be from the Basque word seme, meaning “son,” or it may be a form of Simon, meaning “he has heard.”

97. Yamileth

Yamileth is a Spanish name, meaning “beautiful.”

Yamileth is another name with a multi-cultural evolution. It is a variation of Yamila, the Latin American form of Jamila. Jamilia is the feminine form of Jamil, which is an Arabic name, meaning “beautiful.”

98. Yaretzi

Yaretzi is a Modern Latin American name of uncertain meaning.

Yaretzi could be from the Brazillian forename Yara, from Old Tupi, with “y” meaning “water,” and “îara” meaning “lady” or “mistress.” Alternatively, it is from the Persian yar, meaning “helper” or “friend.”

99. Yunuen

Yunuen is a Mayan name that means “half-moon.”

Yunuen is an island in Lake Pátzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico. Legend says a beautiful princess jumped into the lake, emerging as a heron. The lake loves her so much that it will dry up in sorrow if herons leave.

100. Zyanya

Zyanya is a Zapotec name, meaning “forever” or “always.”

An Aztec princess named Zyanya is a character in the historical fiction novel Aztec by Gary Jennings. The book combines historically accurate people, places, and events with others created purely for the story.

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What Are Your Favorite Mexican Baby Names?

The trouble with writing a list of 50 Mexican boy names and 50 Mexican girl names is that you have to leave so many fabulous examples off of the list. These 100 examples are just a tiny snapshot of the names you will hear in Mexico.

Is your favorite Mexican baby name on our list? If not, which names should we have included?

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100 Popular Mexican Baby Names: With Meanings (2024)
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