11 Healthier Cupcake Recipes (2024)

11 Healthier Cupcake Recipes (1)

By SAMANTHA_SP,SparkPeople Blogger 5/2/2013

Have you noticed that cupcakerys are the new hot trend in restaurants?Even in my non-metropolitan home town, our local bakery competed in the 2011 and 2012 Food Network Cupcake Wars and won "Best of the Best" on Cupcake Champions in 2012.
In our home, the month of February is an unofficial cupcake month, with Valentine's Day and nine separate family birthday celebrations to prepare for.However, if I stuck with the standard recipe, my husband and I would surely gain a few pounds and my kids would gain an eternal sugar high.

That said, there are some simple modifications that add nutritional value, reduce the processed sugar, fat, and calories too. Substitute whole-grain flours for all purpose flour.Use fruits and vegetables as a natural sweetener and add color and texture; applesauce can be used in place of oil; flaxseed meal or chia seeds mixed with water can be used in place of eggs; and Greek yogurt can be used in place of flour.I also find that when I use natural ingredients, I crave the processed sugar less-and-less. Another health benefit and convenience with cupcakes is that a serving is as simple as one cupcake. Leftovers can go right into the freezer instead of a late night snack.Celebrate something special with these healthier cupcake recipes.

Chewy Cupcake Brownies
Remember how delicious Mom's brownies were? You can duplicate the taste for a fraction of the fat if you substitute cocoa for bittersweet chocolate and use applesauce in place of some of the butter or oil.

calories:72.2 fat:0.6g protein:1.1g carbs:16.2g fiber:0.7g

Natural Red Velvet Cupcakes
Beets are used to add vibrant red colors instead processed food dye. This recipe is also made with whole-wheat flour!

calories:64.1 fat:0.8g protein:2.2g carbs:12g fiber:1g

Spring Cupcakes with Citrus Icing
An exclusive 'SparkPeople Cookbook' recipe! You’ll never know that the confetti inside these cupcakes comes from vegetables. These cupcakes were a hit during our taste test!

calories:145.8 fat:4.9g protein:2.6g carbs:24.6g fiber:2.4g

Pina Colada Cupcakes
A deliciously moist cupcake. Great on their own, but better with rum cream cheese frosting!

calories:71.1 fat:2.6g protein:0.9g carbs:11g fiber:0.2g

Low Fat Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes
An out of this world treat for chocolate lovers!

calories:123.3 fat:2.8g protein:3.8g carbs:20.6g fiber:1.2g

Pumpkin Cupcakes
Prepare these allergy-friendly cupcakes, which are wheat and dairy free, for a healthy snack!

calories:112.9 fat:0.5g protein:1.4g carbs:26.6g fiber:1.4g

11 Healthier Cupcake Recipes (8)

Caramel Pumpkin Pudding Cupcakes
This recipe tastes so indulgent--you won't believe it's so low in calories and fat!

calories:122.9 fat:2.4g protein:2g carbs:23.6g fiber:1g

Strawberries and Cream Surprise Cupcakes
The surprise is that these cupcakes have no butter or oil in them, less sugar and less flour, but do use zucchini, and have a hidden spoon of strawberry jam! Use rice flour in place of wheat for a gluten-free option.

calories:157.6 fat:5.1g protein:3.3g carbs:25.7g fiber:1.4g
11 Healthier Cupcake Recipes (10)Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes
Light yet tasty cupcakes that are a cinch to make!

calories:99.7 fat:1.8g protein:1.2g carbs:20.3g fiber:0.2g

Banana Chocolate Cupcakes
Bananas add a light flavor and moisture to this recipe without added fat.

calories:83.7 fat:2.8g protein:1.3g carbs:14.5g fiber:0.9g

11 Healthier Cupcake Recipes (12)Vegan Cupcakes
Dairy- and egg-free, these cupcakes are low in fat and feature a homemade icing topped with fresh berries!

calories:178.9 fat:4.5g protein:1.9g carbs:34.1g fiber:1.4g

What is your favorite cupcake recipe? Which of these cupcake recipes will you try?

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11 Healthier Cupcake Recipes (2024)
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