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148 Baby Girl Names That Start With J | LoveToKnow (1)

Choosing a baby name for your little girl that starts with J can be difficult because there are so many amazing options available. Whether you love the look or the sound of a J name for girls, there are long, short, original, and exotic options to choose from. Don't forget sometimes a J can also make the "h" sound especially if the name has Spanish or Latin American origins.

J Nicknames to Use as First Names for Girls

If you love short, one syllable girl names or names with under six letters, you'll love these cute J names. Think about your favorite longer J names for girls, then imagine how that might be shortened to create a cute nickname name.

  • Jackie/Jacqui - Short for Jacqueline
  • Jan - Short for Janice
  • Jazz/Jazzy - Short for Jasmine
  • Jen/Jenny/Jenni - Short for Jennifer
  • Jess/Jessie - Short for Jessica
  • Jill - Short for Jillian
  • Jo - Short for any name starting with Jo
  • Joey - Short for Josephine
  • Judy - Short for Judith
  • Jules - Short for Julie or Julia
  • Juni - Short for Juniper; nickname for June
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J Names From the Bible for Girls

Some Biblical baby names for girls beginning with J are common and classic while others are fairly unique. Consider not only the name meaning, but the Bible character's story when choosing one of these meaningful monikers.

  • Jael - Mountain goat
  • Jedidah - Beloved
  • Jemima - Dove
  • Jerusha - Possession
  • Jezebel - Where is the prince?
  • Joanna - Yahweh is gracious
  • Jochebed (johk-eh-vehd) - Yahweh is glory
  • Judith - Jewish woman
  • Julia - Downy-bearded
  • Junia - Youth

Popular J Names for Girls From Around the World

When you want to choose an exotic baby name for your daughter, look for inspiration in countries outside your own. Top baby name lists from different countries are easy to find and skim.

Most Popular J Names for Girls in the U.S.

Believe it or not, there are no J names in top 100 names for girls in the United States. While J names are more rare for girls, these beautiful choices fall in the top 200 to 300 range for the U.S. in 2018.

  • Jane - Yahweh is gracious
  • Jayla - Jay bird name
  • Jocelyn - Germanic tribe
  • Jordyn - Flow down
  • Josie - He will add
  • Journee/Journey - Word name; voyage or trip
  • Juliette/Juliet - Downy-bearded
  • June - Unknown
  • Juniper - Tree name
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Hindu, Indian, and Sanskrit J Names for Girls

Like in the U.S., the most popular names in India for girls don't include a lot of J names. These names have seen some popularity over the past five years in India or have Hindu and Sanskrit origins.

  • Jaanvi/Jhanvi - Ganga river
  • Jaswinder - Fame/Glory and the god Indra
  • Jayashri - Goddess of victory; Sanskrit
  • Jia/Jiya - Living/lived
  • Jyoti - Light; Top 100 names
  • Jyotsna - Moonlight; Sanskrit

J Names for Girls From Europe and Asia

Some of the same J names that are popular in the U.S. are also popular in Europe and Asia. When you look at top name lists from different countries, you will find a few standout options too.

  • Jana - Spain
  • Jeanne - France
  • Jessa - Philipines
  • Ji-a - Korea
  • Jimena - Spain
  • Ji-woo - Korea
  • Ji-yoo - Korea
  • Johanna - Germany
  • Josephine - France
  • Jui-Yu - Taiwan
  • Juna - Germany
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Unique J Names for Girls

Unique baby girl names that begin with J require a bit of research and digging to find. If you look to pop culture, you'll find the most inspiration for unique J names for girls. You can also browse J word lists on WordList Finder for unique ideas from everyday words and discover adorable options like Jasmine, Jubilee, and Jade.

Least Popular Names in U.S.

These pretty J names for girls fall at the bottom of the top 1000 names from 2018 in the U.S. making them some of the least popular. If you're looking for a J name that is uncommon, but not weird, these are great choices.

  • Jaelynn - Invented name
  • Janessa - Yahweh is gracious
  • Jaycee - To heal
  • Jayden - Invented name
  • Jaylee - Jay bird and clearing
  • Jaylene - Jay bird
  • Jazlynn - Invented name
  • Jenesis - Origin
  • Jewel - Precious stone
  • Joselyn - Germanic tribe
  • Joyce - Lord
  • Jurnee/Journi - Word name; voyage or trip

Rare Multicultural J Names for Girls

Every culture has a standard set of common names that transcend time, but they also have some hidden names that have only been kept alive by a few original parents. Check out these rare names from different cultures.

  • Jacinda - Hyacinth flower; English
  • Jacintha - Orange gemstone or flower; Dutch
  • Jacquette/Jacquetta - Supplanter; French
  • Jae - Bird name; English
  • Jagusia (yah-goo-shah) - Chaste; Polish
  • Janeka - Yahweh is gracious; English
  • Janella - Yahweh is gracious; English
  • Janetta - Yahweh is gracious; English
  • Jannine - Yahweh is gracious; English
  • Jaraslawa (yah-raw-slah-vah) - Fierce and glorious; Polish
  • Jayna - Yahweh is gracious; English
  • Jenae - Fair and magical being; English
  • Jessamine - Jasmine plant; English
  • Ji - Wisdom; Korean
  • Joandra - Yahweh is gracious and masculine; English
  • Jobeth - Yahweh is gracious and my oath; English
  • Jolanka - Good girl; Czech
  • July - Sky father; English
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Ancient and Medieval J Names for Girls

From Old English names to unique old-fashioned baby names, ancient and medieval languages are ripe with J name inspiration.

  • Jakemina - Supplanter; Medieval Biblical
  • Jaquelot - Supplanter; Medieval Biblical
  • Jehanne - Yahweh is gracious; Medieval French
  • Jocasa - Playful; Medieval English
  • Jocea - Lord; Medieval Celtic
  • Johanne - Yahweh is gracious; Medieval French
  • Jonetta - Yahweh is gracious; Medieval English
  • Jorunnr - Loves horses; Ancient Norse
  • Joya - Joy; Medieval English
  • Judda - Unknown; Ancient Germanic
  • Juliana - Downy-bearded; Medieval English

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Celebrity J Names to Use for Girls

Celebrate your favorite female singer or actress with a celebrity J name for your baby girl.

  • Jada - Actress Pinkett-Smith
  • Janet - Singer Jackson
  • Janis - Singer Joplin
  • Jennifer - Singer Lopez; Actresses Aniston, Lawrence, etc.
  • Jodie - Actress Foster
  • Jojo - Singer and actress Sewa
  • Jolie - Last name of actress Angelina
  • Joni - Singer Mitchell
  • Joss - Singer Stone
  • Judi - Actress Dench
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Fictional Female Characters With J Names

Scour your favorite books, movies, and video games to find awesome J names for girls.

  • Jade - Mortal Combat video games
  • Jaina - World of Warcraft video games
  • Jasmine - Disney Princess from Aladdin movie
  • Jean - X-Men franchise
  • Jirachi - Pokemon franchise
  • Joy - Happiness personified in Inside Out movie
  • Juliet - Romeo and Juliet story
  • Junie - Junie P. Jones book series
  • Juno - Juno movie
  • Juri - Street Fighter video games

Mythology J Names for Girls

Mythologies from different cultures are brimming with powerful J names for girls. Choose a name that embodies your baby's personality or your hopes for her future.

  • Janguli - Unknown meaning; Buddhist
  • Jarnsaxa - Iron dagger; Norse
  • Jaya - Victory; Hindu
  • Jayanti - Victorious; Hindu
  • Jayatara - Unknown meaning; Buddhist
  • Jingwei - Spirit guardian; Chinese
  • Jocasta - Unknown meaning; Greek
  • Jord - Earth; Norse
  • Jowangsin - Great hearth goddess; Korean
  • Junda - War goddess; Lithuanian
  • Jutta - Estonian/Uralic
  • Juturna - Unknown meaning; Roman
  • Juventas - Youth; Roman
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Place Names Starting With J to Use as Girl Names

If you're an avid traveler, consider a place name as a unique baby girl name option.

  • Jabalay - City in Palestine
  • Jacarei - City in Brazil
  • Jaen - City in Spain and Peru
  • Jalna - City in India
  • Jamuria - City in India
  • Jandira - City in Brazil
  • Jaora - City in India
  • Jelgava - City in Latvia
  • Jember - City in Indonesia
  • Jiazi - City in China
  • Jijel - City in Algeria
  • Jimma - City in Ethiopia
  • Jinja - City in Uganda
  • Juliaca - City in Peru
  • Jurmala - City in Latvia

Original and Invented J Names for Girls

Mixing two common baby girl names or changing out the first letter of your favorite name for a J are the easiest ways to invent your own J name for a girl.

  • Jaisley - Variant of Paisley
  • Jaomi - Variant of Naomi
  • Jaylor - Variant of Taylor
  • Javannah - Variant of Savannah
  • Jazel - Variant of Hazel
  • Jeliana - Variant of Eliana
  • Jemily - Mix of Jemma and Emily
  • Jia - Variant of Gia/Mia
  • Jophia - Variant of Sophia
  • Jorah - Variant of Norah
  • Jova - Variant of Nova

Girls Love J Names

Selecting a name for your baby involves a lot of thought and consideration. If you love J names you can narrow down your list of options by checking into details like baby name meanings or how to pronounce names in different languages.

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