Spiritfarer Character Guide: All Characters and Stories in Spiritfarer - Touch, Tap, Play (2024)

Spiritfarer is a comforting indie game about dying in which you play as Stella, a Spiritfarer (ferry master to the departed). You build a boat in order to explore and get around the game world. You then leave it behind and tend to spirits before eventually liberating them into the afterlife. Throughout the game, your character will come across several other characters. You are tasked with assisting lost souls to complete their final requests and, someday, guide them to the Everdoor.

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In this Spiritfarer guide, we will list all game characters and their stories in Spiritfarer.

Every Character and their Story in Spiritfarer


Spiritfarer Character Guide: All Characters and Stories in Spiritfarer - Touch, Tap, Play (1)

Stella is a central character who players control, a Spiritfarer taking over for Charon. Your job is to discover lost souls, complete their final demands, and get them to the Everdoor. Your in-game character will be accompanied by an adorable cat called Daffodil who will help in collecting resources and giving the spirits company.


Spiritfarer Character Guide: All Characters and Stories in Spiritfarer - Touch, Tap, Play (2)

Gwen is the first spirit you will meet on your voyage in Alt Harbor, up on a ledge to the right of a building. She has the silhouette of a deer above her head and will guide you to a new ship that you can use. Here are all her interests and dislikes:

Likes:Comfort Food, Fine Dining Food

Dislikes:Anything with Shellfish, Fruit

Favorite Food:Black Coffee

Mini-game:Catching Jellyfish

Spirit Flower:Asphodel

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Atul is Stella’s uncle, and you will meet him on the island a little far away from Barkensheim Creek. He has dropped a lemon in the pond and you’ll have to go get it before taking him back to your boat. Once you have helped him out, he will assist you with cooking and repairs on your ship. Here’s some more information about Atul:

  • Likes: Everything
  • Dislikes: Nothing
  • Favorite Food: Pork Chops
  • Mini-game: Capturing Lightning in a Bottle
  • Spirit Flower: White Lily


Summer is a brownish-green and yellow snake you will come across wearing a wide green coat with a hood and a belt with flowers. She grew up on a midwestern farm and had strict parents. She worked as an agronomic engineer and developed breast cancer due to their heavy use of chemicals. Her sickness provoked her to leave her town behind in order to heal, and that’s when she met Rose—the love of her life, and Stella’s aunt.

  • Likes:Salad and Dessert
  • Dislikes:Non-vegan Food
  • Favorite Food:Grain Salad
  • Mini-game:Quartz & Aluminum Dragon
  • Spirit Flower:Oxeye Daisy


You will first meet Astrid at the Bottom Line Corp island. She is an elderly woman who dedicated her life to political causes. During World War II, she hid Jewish children in the basem*nt of her mother’s restaurant and committed the rest of her life to helping others. She met and married Giovanni, but despite the two loving each other, the two had a turbulent relationship.

  • Likes:Plain Food, Soup
  • Dislikes:Sugary Food, Fine Dining Food
  • Favorite Food:Noodle Soup
  • Spirit Flower:Bright Mallow


Spiritfarer Character Guide: All Characters and Stories in Spiritfarer - Touch, Tap, Play (3)

Giovanni is a World War II veteran who fought in the Resistance and is always careful with his appearance and his witty one-liners. He likes charming everyone around him and sometimes even gets involved in shady things to impress someone. He married Astrid and, even though he understood the pain he had caused her, he never actually was sorry for it. He died of a heart attack.

  • Likes:Stimulants, Fine Dining Food
  • Dislikes:Eggs, Carbs
  • Favorite Food:Beef Fondue
  • Mini-game:Catching Comets
  • Spirit Flower:Common Borage


Alice is a housewife and a mother who has spent most of her adulthood taking care of her children and her family’s domestic life. As revealed to Stella by Alice, she loved fashion, traveling, and Swedish romance novels. She suffered from dementia in her later years and was the first patient to die in Stella’s care.

  • Likes:Dessert and Old-fashioned Food
  • Dislikes:Exotic Food, Acquired Tastes, and Stimulants
  • Favorite Food:Veggie-pot Pie
  • Mini-game:Nebula Pillbug
  • Spirit Flower:Peace Lily


Gustav is a tall, dark brown owl with red highlights, and is a somewhat arrogant event organizer. He will occasionally play the violin when happy or give Stella expensive Tchotchkes that can be sold. Stella met him in Japan when she went there as a young adult. Gustav developed multiple sclerosis at a young age, and his condition left him physically paralyzed. When delighted, Gustav will sometimes make Sushi, and he considers Stella his assistant as he begins to manage the exhibition.

  • Likes:Acquired Tastes, Exotic Food
  • Dislikes:Anything Fried, Sugary Food
  • Favorite Food:Surstromming
  • Mini-game:Fireflies event
  • Spirit Flower:Red Poppy

Bruce & Mickey

Bruce is a hummingbird, while Mickey is a bull. Both brothers help Stella with the Pulsar Rays Event, where Pulsar Ore can be collected. Bruce does all the talking throughout the Journey. Mickey is an imposing and rough man who ends up in a coma after his drunk driving leads to a car accident. Bruce never leaves his side and joins him in the most extreme, dangerous, and illegal activities. The two of them are inseparable. Bruce always talks “on behalf” of his brother, in denial that Mickey is not around anymore.

  • Likes:Pub Food
  • Dislikes:One Ingredient Food, Anything with Crayfish (they have allergies)
  • Favorite Food:Garlic Bread
  • Mini-game:Pulsar Rays
  • Spirit Flower:Fennel Flower


Stanley came into existence in a Garden from the Mysterious Seed, which can be fished out of the water after accompanying four spirits to the Everdoor, or bought from Francis (not the same as the odd seed). He is a cheerful 8-year-old who came across Stella while losing his fight against a deadly disease. Stanley has an analytical mind which lets him solve one-liners and aphorisms.

  • Likes:Breakfast and Dessert Foods
  • Dislikes:Veggies, Stimulants, and Fruit
  • Favorite Food:French Fries
  • Mini-game:Gathering Bottled Ectoplasm
  • Spirit Flower:Mushroom


Elena worked in a school as a teacher and wanted all her kids to pass the examinations. You can find her in Crow’s End Inc. after unlocking the Bounce ability, although she will suggest you first unlock the Dash ability before presenting her requests. Elena was among the final patients of Stella. While the reason for her demise is unknown, the diagnosis that led to her palliative care was quite fatal and progressed rapidly.

  • Likes:Plain and Healthy Food
  • Dislikes:Fine Dining Food, Fried Food, and Meat
  • Favorite Food:Green Salad
  • Mini-game:Gold Dragon, Severe Thunderstorms, Deadly Pulsar Rays
  • Spirit Flower:Cypress


Buck was Lilly’s (Stella’s sister) friend who passed away in his teenage years. Buck was more of a geek and loved to escape reality through tabletop RPGs. He is also the last spirit on your ship and will be with you until the end of the game. Buck will keep completionists busy by offering mini errand quests after the final spirits depart.

  • Likes:Old-fashioned Food, Comfort Food
  • Dislikes:Lactose Intolerant, Fruit
  • Favorite Food:Tomato Pizza
  • Mini-game:Shadow Steel Orcs


Spiritfarer Character Guide: All Characters and Stories in Spiritfarer - Touch, Tap, Play (4)

Hades is a big, spiritual owl-like figure whom you meet upon delivering the first, fifth, and ninth spirit to the Everdoor. Hades lives in Stella’s psyche and can be witnessed spreading their wings before vanishing as you go up the stardust platforms. When they reveal themself, they emerge with their back towards you, slowly turning around with hazy eyes and speaking in short, cryptic sentences. During your third time meeting them, they’ll give you an Obol.

Alex the Seal

Alex is a seal who you can usually find at the bus stops. Talking to him will activate the map, and any located bus stop can be visited.

Francis the Wandering Merchant

Francis, The Wandering Merchant, is a merchant that can be found in multiple locations, and you will notice a little icon of his head on the map. You can sell anything that can be sold from your inventory to Francis, making him the sole buyer of Tchotchkes in the game. He will also offer various rewards for Errands.

Albert the Shipwright

Albert is your go-to guy for boat upgrades after Stella meets him during the Set Sail, Captain! request. He plays an important role when it comes to upgrading and improving your ship, which is necessary to progress the game and meet new spirits. Every time you meet and talk to him, he will have a fin-tastic joke for you.

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Spiritfarer Character Guide: All Characters and Stories in Spiritfarer - Touch, Tap, Play (2024)
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