Spiritfarer Ship Upgrades Guide - Indie Game Culture (2024)

Table of Contents

  • Let's Set Sail for Knowledge!
  • Why Upgrade Your Ship?
  • Where to Upgrade Your Ship
  • Different Upgrades Available
  • Blueprint Station
    • Beginner
    • Hobbyist
    • Craftsman
    • Expert
    • Master
  • Boat Size
  • Boat Improvements
    • Mailbox
    • Icebreaker
    • Hermes' Hymn
    • Rock Destroyer
    • Choral Bouquet
    • Mist Cleaner 1000
    • Moon Solo
    • Sun Ballad
  • FAQs
    • Question: How Many Regions are There in Spiritfarer?
    • Question: How Many Glims Do All the Ship Upgrades Cost in Total?
    • Question: How Do I Upgrade My Ship in Spiritfarer?
  • Conclusion

Having put nearly 100 hours into this game, I know pretty much everything there is to know aboutSpiritfarer. It remains one of my favorite titles of all time, and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys story-based games. The gameplay is impeccable, and overall, this is a must-play for anyone. Although you traverse several wonderful locations throughout the story, the one constant is your ship.

This is where you will spend most of your time, and where you develop meaningful connections with the spirits on board. As such, customizing it is a huge part of the game. ThisSpiritfarer ship upgrades guide will talk you through everything that you can do with your ship, and how to make the most of this aspect of the game.

Spiritfarer Ship Upgrades Guide - Indie Game Culture (1)

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Let’s Set Sail for Knowledge!

  • Total Number of Blueprint Station Upgrades –5
  • Total Number of Boat Size Upgrades –8
  • Total Number of Boat Improvement Upgrades –8
  • Total number of upgrades –21

Why Upgrade Your Ship?

Spiritfarer Ship Upgrades Guide - Indie Game Culture (2)

There are many reasons to upgrade your ship, however, I’ll start with the most obvious one. You cannot complete the game without it. Some upgrades are mandatory in order to progress with the story, as some regions of the map will otherwise be inaccessible. Therefore you will 100% need to get the rock, ice, and mist upgrades in order to complete the game.

These ones also tend to require the trickiest materials in order to purchase them, which means it can take some time to acquire them. However, I actually like that about them, as I prefer games where my progress feels earned. You’ll also need to substantially upgrade your blueprint station in order to be able to complete many of the spirit quests.

Aside from game progression, though, upgrading the ship is just convenient. It can give you access to buildings that improve the character’s quality of life, and you can make glims (the in-game currency) a lot quicker by selling the products you craft.

There are also ship upgrades that improve your speed, and believe me, that makes a huge difference. The map in this game is huge, and so being able to traverse it quicker will save you valuable time.

Upgrading your ship should be your top priority, even if you don’t technically need to do it yet. You’ll eventually hit quests where it becomes necessary, so why not be prepared and start collecting the required materials ahead of time?

When I played Spiritfarer, I was saving every last glim to get my ship as large as possible as quickly as possible so that I’d have more space for buildings. That strategy served me very well, and I’d recommend you to try it too.

Where to Upgrade Your Ship

Spiritfarer Ship Upgrades Guide - Indie Game Culture (3)

Thankfully, instead of having to see different vendors for different types of upgrades, everything is conveniently in the same place. Whether you’re upgrading your Blueprint Station, Boat Size, or Ship Improvements, you only need to remember one location. All upgrades are done at Albert’s Shipyard.

The coordinates to get there are X: 61, Y: 64. This is in the Hummingberg: Spring region, the very first region of the game. Once you get there, simply walk along the pier up to Albert, and talk to him. There, you’ll see the upgrade option (the icon looks like tools), and you click that to open his shop.

One thing that makesSpiritfarer so great is the fantastic personalities of the characters, and Albert is no different. Every time you talk to him, he makes a different pun. They’re always really bad, and I have a soft spot for terrible puns, so they make me laugh. Albert’s Shipyard also has its own unique soundtrack to enjoy while you choose your upgrades.

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Different Upgrades Available

There are a grand total of 21 upgrades available across 3 areas – Blueprint Station (5 upgrades), Boat Size (8 upgrades), and Boat Improvements (8 upgrades). These are all accessed from the same shop menu at Albert’s Shipyard; you just scroll up and down to navigate between them.

You can then scroll sideways to see all the options as you unlock the higher-level upgrades. The purchases are linear, so you have to unlock them in their natural order. However, that’s only within categories, so if you want to focus on just one area of improvement first then you can theoretically do that, although the game will steer you towards specific upgrades for quests.

Upgrading the boat gives you lots of customization opportunities, as once you unlock the Blueprint Station, you can not only construct new buildings, but also rearrange the layout of your ship. You can do this an unlimited number of times, so as you increase your boat size, you can arrange the buildings in the optimal way for your play style. In this guide, we’ll go through each of the upgrades available, and how you can unlock them.

Blueprint Station

This is where you gain access to brand new buildings, as well as upgrades for those buildings. When you get spirits on board your ship, they’ll want a place of their own, and these can be built through the Blueprint Station. It doesn’t matter which level of upgrade you’re at for it, you just need to have found that particular spirit, and their home will become available to build.

However, aside from just spirit houses, there are plenty of other things you can construct on your ship. Many allow you to process the materials you find, or to grow crops to sell for money. You can also upgrade those buildings, such as improving the Kitchen to cook two ingredients at a time instead of just one, giving access to a vast array of meals.

A lot of new buildings and upgrades are unlocked when you purchase the upgrade. However, some blueprints are found out in the world or given to you by spirits. Either way, upgrading your Blueprint Station is one of the best ways to earn money, and is also necessary for completing many of the quest lines.


Spiritfarer Ship Upgrades Guide - Indie Game Culture (4)

This upgrade is free as a goodwill gesture from Albert, as he’s hoping you’ll end up spending more on further upgrades. It’s a good business tactic and definitely works well, as you’ll end up fully upgrading your Blueprint Station by the end of the game.

The beginner upgrade gives access to the following buildings:

  • Guest House: You need this for Gwen to stay in to begin with. She eventually moves out when you build her her own house, but until then, she resides in the Guest House. It also becomes the place where any new spirits you pick up will stay until they get their own place. The exception to this is Stanley (my favorite spirit in the game), as he decides to just live permanently in the Guest House. To build it, you’ll just need 10 Maple Logs, which can be found by chopping down trees on several of the islands in the Hummingberg region.
  • Garden: One of my favorite activities inSpiritfarer is hanging around the Garden and tending to the crops, as it reminds me of Summer. She’s such a wholesome and lovely spirit, and she teaches you to play the guitar in order to make the crops go faster. Selling crops is an excellent source of income, and so if you have space, you should build several Gardens to maximize your profits. The cost of the Garden increases the more you build, but the first one needs 10 Maple Logs and 5 Lightning in a Bottle. You can find the latter by doing Atul’s minigame when sailing through a storm. The Garden is used to grow the following crops: Odd Seed, Fireglow Seed, Carrot Seed, Turnip Seed, Lettuce Seed, Celery Seed, Cabbage Seed, Potato Seed, Onion Seed, and Leek Seed. It’s also where you grow Stanley using the Mysterious Seed.
  • Field: Very similar in function to the Garden, the only difference is the specifics of which crops are grown, as well as the cost. Again, the price does scale up as you build more Fields, but the first one requires 15 Maple Logs and 3 Limestone: Limestone can be found by mining Limestone Nodes on several islands, the easiest of which to access in the early game is Mosstein Cove. The crops which grow in the Field are: Linen Seed,Corn Seed,Coffee Beans Seed,Rice Seed,Tea Seed,Sugar Cane Seed,Sunflower Seed,Garlic Seed,Tomato Seed,Cotton Seed, andWheat Seed. A lot of these crops are raw materials which can be processed to make new products.
  • Kitchen: One of the coolest buildings in the entire game, the Kitchen is where you can experiment with making new meals. You’ll need to keep the residents of your ship fed and happy, and so you’ll end up doing a lot of cooking to find their favorite meals. At first, you can only cook one ingredient at a time, so your meal options will be limited. But you can really branch out after upgrading the Kitchen, as you will be able to combine ingredients. As with the other buildings, the price scales, but to construct the first Kitchen, you’ll need 5 Maple Logs and 8 Bright Jellys. To get Bright Jelly, you’ll have to do Gwen’s minigame when sailing through a Jellyfish event.


Spiritfarer Ship Upgrades Guide - Indie Game Culture (5)

This upgrade is pretty cheap at only 400 Glims, but you’ll also need to provide2 Maple Logs and 1 Limestone. It gives access to the following buildings:

  • Sawmill: This is where you can process your Logs into Planks, regardless of the type of wood. The first one will cost you14 Maple Logs and 20 Linen Threads. You can get Linen Thread by processing your Linen Fibre at a Loom, which means you’ll need to build that first. Linen is a crop grown in the Field from seeds that you can buy and find throughout the game. The easiest way to get Linen Seeds is to buy them from Raccoon Inc. in Hummingberg.
  • Loom: This is where you process your Fibres into Thread, as well as turn Threads into Fabric. You can process any type of Fibre or Thread, as well as Copper Ore to turn it into Metal Rope. You can also make Failed Experiments as part of Stanley’s quest line. To build the first Loom, you’ll need 10 Maple Logs and 8 Quartz. Quartz can be mined from the Quartz Dragon as part of Summer’s minigame. You can then also plant Quartz nodes on the backs of any of the Turtle Sisters.
  • Foundry: This is where you can process your various Ores into Ingots, as well as turning Empty Bottles into Glass. The first one will cost you10 Coal and 10 Oak Planks. Coal can be mined from Coal Nodes throughout the map, the easiest of which is probably at Kaltstein Mines or Hoseki Quarry. Oak Planks can be made by processing Oak Logs in the Sawmill. To get Oak Logs, you’ll need to chop down Oak Trees, which are found on several islands in the Furogawa region.


Spiritfarer Ship Upgrades Guide - Indie Game Culture (6)

This is still relatively cheap, and only costs 1,000 Glims. However, you’ll also need to provide10 Oak Planks and 10 Linen Thread. You’ll need this upgrade to access the following blueprints:

  • Orchard: The Orchard is where you can plant your fruit seeds to grow them into trees. However, it’s important to be aware that unlike with the Garden and Field, you can no longer change the type of crop grown once it has been planted. So when you have a fruit seed, think carefully about which ones you want to plant in your Orchards. To build your first Orchard, you’ll need8 Oak Planks and 4 Nebula Threads. You get Nebula Thread by processing Nebula Fibre in the Loom. Nebula Fibres come from Alice’s minigame. You can plant the following fruits in the Orchard:Apple Seed,Cherry Seed,Peach Seed,Pear Seed,Mulberry Seed, andOlive Seed.
  • Sheep Corral: You can find a total of 5 sheep throughout the world ofSpiritfarer. When you find them, you have the option of bringing them onto your boat, but you’ll want to make sure they each have their own Sheep Corral. Otherwise, they wander about the boat eating your crops. You can shear them to get Wool Fibre. To build your first Sheep Corral, you’ll need16 Oak Planks and 4 Copper Ingots. You get the latter by smelting Copper Ore in the Foundry. You get Copper Ore from Copper Nodes found on islands, the easiest of which is probably Greenhalten Bay.
  • Windmill:This is where you process grains into flour. I won’t lie, I really hate this building, as it’s so tall and takes up valuable space, but the yield is incredibly slow. It rarely feels worth the effort to climb inside it to input the grains in the first place. I wouldn’t bother with this if I didn’t need it for quests and to get all the recipes. To build the first one, you need16 Oak Planks, 8 Marble, and 5 Aluminium Ingots. Marble is mined from Marble Nodes, and the easiest place to get is Kaltstein Mines as there are 4 Marble Nodes there. You can get Aluminium Ingots by smelting Aluminium Ore in the Foundry. Aluminium Ore is found on the Aluminium Dragon as part of Summer’s minigame.


Once again, the monetary cost won’t set you back much, at only1850 Glims. The resources needed are10 Iron Ingots and 10 Wool Fabrics. Iron Ingots are smelted from Iron Ore using the Foundry.

You get Iron Ore from Iron Nodes across the map, the most accessible place being Hoseki Quarry. Wool Fabric is spun from Wool Thread in the Loom, which in turn has to first be spun from Wool Fibre. You get Wool Fibre by shearing sheep.

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The Expert Blueprint Station gives you the following buildings:

  • Chicken Coop: This is where you can raise your chickens, although they’re only for producing Eggs and not for chicken meat, which can only be bought in shops. You hatch chickens by placing an Egg in the incubator, and you can get an Egg beforehand by buying it from Raccoon Inc. in Oxbury. To build the first one, you’ll need10 Ash Planks, 20 Wool Fabrics, and 8 Copper Ingots. You can get Ash Planks by processing Ash Logs in the Sawmill. You get Ash Logs by chopping down Ash Trees, which are found in the Oxbury region.
  • Lounge: A place where the spirits can chillax, you’ll need to build one as a place for Giovanni to stay after Astrid rightfully kicks him out. Honestly, I’d have happily shoved him in a Sheep Corral to teach him a lesson, but the game requires you to let him live in the Lounge. To build it, you’ll need14 Ash Planks and 10 Zinc Ingots. Zinc Ingots are made by smelting Zinc Ore in the Foundry. Zinc Ore is found by mining Zinc Nodes in the Industrial District or at Hidden Thicket.
  • Crusher: The noisiest building in the game, the Crusher does what the name suggests. It crushes things. I always feel guilty using it at night as I don’t want to keep the spirits awake, but unfortunately, night is the best time to use the facilities on my ship as I can’t be sailing around completing quests. It’s used to make various powders and oils, as well as Corn Flour, and Failed Experiments as part of Stanley’s quest line. To build it, you need 7 Pulsar Ingots, 15 Ash Planks, and 5 Zinc Ingots. Pulsar Ingots are made by smelting Pulsar Ore in the Foundry. You get Pulsar Ore from the Pulsar Rays event with Bruce and Mickey’s minigame.


Spiritfarer Ship Upgrades Guide - Indie Game Culture (7)

Affordable currency-wise at2,800 Glims, you’ll also need to cough up10 Silica Powders and 10 Zinc Ingots. Silica Powder is produced by crushing Quartz in the Crusher. The Master Blueprint Station grants you access to the following:

  • Smithy: This is where you can turn metals and powders into sheets for crafting. To build the first one, you’ll need12 Silica Powder, 5 Comet Powder, 5 Pulsar Ingots, and 12 Ash Planks. You can get Comet Powder by crushing Comet Rock in the Crusher. Comet Rock is found from the Meteor Showers event when doing Giovanni’s minigame. The Smithy can produce the following materials: Brass Sheet, Bronze Sheet, Crystal Glass Sheet,Electrum Sheet,Rose Gold Sheet,Clear Glass Sheet,Steel Sheet, andCelestial Sheet.
  • Cow Stall: This is where you get Milk, which is used to create dairy products, as well as being an ingredient in several other recipes. You don’t need to find a cow like you did with the sheep, instead, you just need to buy aProof of Purchase: Cow slip from Raccoon Inc. in Edgeborough Lane. On top of the slip, you’ll also need9 Maple Planks, 3 Copper Ingots, and 6 Cotton Fabrics. You get Cotton Fabric by weaving Cotton Thread at the Loom, which is made by spinning Cotton Fibre. You get Cotton Fibre by growing it in the Field.
  • Cellar: This is where you can produce specific food items that need to be aged or fermented instead of just cooked in the Kitchen. To build it, you’ll need20 Linen Fabric, 3 Comet Rock, 10 Bottled Ectoplasm. You get Bottled Ectoplasm as part of Stanley’s minigame, which is one of my favorites. You need to interact with his pet beetle, Jacob, at night time in order to start the event. The Cellar can be used to produce the following:Surstromming,Sauerkraut,Yoghurt, andCheese.

Boat Size

Spiritfarer Ship Upgrades Guide - Indie Game Culture (8)

Unless you need the others for progress reasons, I’d always recommend prioritizing Boat Size upgrades. That’s because this allows you to have more buildings, which in turn means you can accommodate new spirits, build more crafting spaces, stock up on gardens on the like, and essentially earn more money from the comfort of your ship.

Thankfully, these are also the easiest upgrades to obtain. Whilst the Blueprint Station and Boat Improvements require you to find specific materials, with Boat Size, all you need is money. And the bigger your boat, the easier it is to earn money quickly, so these upgrades scale nicely.

Here are all the size upgrades available, as well as how much they cost, and how much extra space they give you. If you’re just starting out, don’t be alarmed by the higher prices of the better upgrades. By the time you reach that part of the game, you’ll have Glims burning a hole in your pocket!

  • The Exploring Krill:This is the option you start with when you get your ship, but it’s technically listed as an upgrade. You start with 16×15 squares worth of space, which is decidedly small.
  • The Intrepid Otter:At only 1,200 Glims, you should be able to purchase this one pretty quickly. It gives you space of 23×18 squares.
  • The Adventurous Manatee:Now we’re starting to get somewhere. This upgrade costs 4,000 Glims and gives you space of 30×22 squares.
  • The Doubtless Dolphin:At 8,000 Glims, it’s rather more expensive than the previous upgrades, but should be affordable after a few hours of playing. It gives you space of 38×34 squares.
  • The Brawlish Narwhal:This is where the ship starts to become a decent size for all the various buildings and houses that you need to keep on it. It’s double the cost of The Doubtless Dolphin, though, and will set you back 16,000 Glims. It gives you space of 45×41 squares.
  • The Flawless Beluga:From here on out, the size upgrades get very pricey. This one is 30,000 Glims, which means it won’t really be accessible until you’re a good way into the game. However, for that price, you get space of 52×48 squares.
  • The Silent Orca:For 45,000 Glims, you’d expect a lot of extra size, but that’s exactly what this one delivers. It gives you space of 59×55 squares. At this size, it’s going to be taking you considerable time to move from one side of the ship to the other.
  • The Fearless Whale:A mark of pride, this is the largest boat size you can have, and it’s utterly humungous. It doesn’t come cheap, and will set you back a whopping 80,000 Glims. For that price, though, it gives you space of 66×67 squares. Interestingly, this is the only upgrade where the height is larger than the width. This does make it easier to arrange your boat, though, as several of the buildings are awkward shapes or have a tall roof.

Boat Improvements

Spiritfarer Ship Upgrades Guide - Indie Game Culture (9)

This section here is the game changer. Whilst the Blueprint Station upgrades may be necessary for very specific quests, and the Boat Size upgrades are needed after a while to accommodate all your buildings, the Boat Improvement upgrades make the biggest difference. These can open up entire regions, as well as vastly improve your speed of travel.

Unfortunately, these are also the hardest to unlock, and the process can’t be rushed. They often require hard-to-find materials, and you may have to travel to very specific locations to get what you’re looking for. These are what took the majority of my time in the main game, as I was stubborn and refused to use a walkthrough. Thankfully, if you’re here, then clearly you’re not averse to getting help, and you should be able to unlock these much quicker than I did.

As well as just detailing what each upgrade does, and how to unlock it, I’ll also give tips on finding the materials. This should save you a lot of time, and help you make smart decisions about where to travel to when you’re playing. As with the other categories of upgrades, you’ll need to collect these in order.


This is the first improvement upgrade you get, and it’s a necessary one. All kinds of things come through the mail, including quests, invitations to new areas, and even recipes. To get the recipes, you need to sign up to Feedorama in Hummingberg, but you should be aware that it’s a bit of a scam.

However, you will get 4 new recipes including the ingredients, so if you have more money than you know what to do with, then it’s worth it. To commission the Mailbox, you need to give Albert8 Maple Planks, 8 Linen Threads, 4 Lightning in a Bottle, and 250 Glims.


One thing that you will quickly realize at the start of the game is that the majority of the map is blocked for you. There are various natural barriers, and your ship is not equipped to deal with them at first. You’ll need several more upgrades before you can access every location, but the first new region you unlock is the Hummingberg Winter region, as that’s blocked by ice.

To access it, you’ll need the Icebreaker improvement, which costs 10 Iron Ingots, 12 Oak Planks, 18 Linen Fabrics, 1 Spirit Flower, 5 Slate, and 500 Glims.

To get a Spirit Flower, you’ll need to take one of the spirits through the Everdoor. Once their soul has departed, you’ll find a Spirit Flower in their room on your ship. To get Slate, you’ll need to mine Slate Nodes, which can be found in the Furogawa region.

Hermes’ Hymn

Spiritfarer Ship Upgrades Guide - Indie Game Culture (10)

As well as adding additional features to the boat, some of the improvements are just for speed. This is one of those, and it lets you move at an additional 20% speed. It’s not a lot, but you start out relatively slow, so it’s still worth it just to cut down on your travel time.

Another tip in regards to travelling speed is to look out for bus stops on the map. These are essentially fast travel spots, and will help you move quickly from region to region. To add Hermes’ Hymn, you’ll need to give Albert5 Slate, 18 Oak Planks, 16 Wool Fabrics, and 1250 Glims.

Rock Destroyer

Ah, this is a satisfying one. The sound effects inSpiritfarer when you break through the rock barriers are top-tier. You need the Rock Destroyer to access the Oxbury region, which is home to several islands which are important to the main storyline.

It can take a while to upgrade this one as you’ll need 2 Spirit Flowers, which means you’ll need to have taken a total of 3 spirits through the Everdoor. As well as the flowers, you also need10 Aluminium Ingots, 8 Marble,6 Fireglows, and 1700 Glims.

To get Fireglow, you’ll need to plant a Fireglow Seed in the Garden. To get a Fireglow Seed, you’ll need to do Gustav’s minigame in the Fireflies event. It’s worth noting that the soil will always emit flames when you plant something in that spot in future, even after you’ve harvested the Fireglow.

Choral Bouquet

Spiritfarer Ship Upgrades Guide - Indie Game Culture (11)

Another speed upgrade, this one lets you go 40% faster. As so much of the game involves moving from island to island, these improvements really come in handy. I remember Choral Bouquet taking me ages as I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where to get 8 Zinc Ingots.

As I mentioned earlier, I refused to use a guide, so I ended up spending hours searching for the materials to upgrade this until I eventually stumbled upon a Zinc Node. As well as the ingots, you need12 Ash Planks, 3 Comet Rocks, and 2,000 Glims.

Mist Cleaner 1000

The last of the improvements that go through barriers, the Mist Cleaner 1000 allows you to move through the shrouds of mist surrounding Crow’s End. This is one of the more mysterious regions, and is accessed right near the end of the game.

There are 9 islands that fall under the Crow’s End umbrella, and they’re split between two sides of the map, both of which are blocked by mist. To unlock this improvement, you need to give Albert 8 Silver Ores,22 Silk Fabrics,8 Bottled Ectoplasm,6 Crystal Glass Sheet,3 Spirit Flowers, and3,000 Glims.

To get Silver Ore, you need to mine it from the Silver Dragon. To get Silk Fabric, you must spin Silk Fibre into Silk Thread, and then the Silk Thread into Silk Fabric. You can get Silk Fibre from Mulberry Trees that you plant in the Orchard. The Crystal Glass Sheet is made in the Smithy by combining 1 Zinc Ingot with 1 Silica Powder.

Moon Solo

These next two improvements are purely about speed. The Moon Solo sails 60% faster, and is really useful in those late stages of the game. It requires8 Gold Ingots,28 Pine Planks,2 Electrum Sheets,1 Spirit Flower, and6,000 Glims. To get Gold Ingots, you need to smelt Gold Ore in the Foundry.

You can get Gold Ore from the Gold Dragon, or from Gold Nodes on several different islands. You get Pine Planks by processing Pine Logs in the Sawmill. Pine Logs can be found by chopping down trees in the Crow’s End region. Electrum Sheets are made in the Smithy by combining 1 Gold Ingot with 1 Silver Ingot.

Sun Ballad

The Sun Ballad makes your boat move 80% faster, so you’ll be zipping about the map. It’s perfect for after you’ve completed the main storyline and are trying to get all the achievements. You can really feel the difference at this point, and you’ll be able to navigate easily between islands in record time.

To upgrade to it, provide Albert with the following:2 Diamonds,5 Rose Gold Sheets,25 XP Potions,1 Spirit Flower, and 10,000 Glims. To get Diamonds, you can either mine Coal after unlocking the Improved Tools ability, or you can run errands for Francis.

To get Rose Gold Sheets, you need to go to the Smithy and combine 1 Gold Ingot with 1 Copper Ingot. XP Potions can be obtained by completing Buck’s minigame, which is started by interacting with the table in his room.


Question: How Many Regions are There in Spiritfarer?

Answer: There are 6 or 8 regions in total, depending on your definition, as some are separate parts of the same overall region. These are Hummingberg (Spring and Winter regions) and Crow’s End (Southwest and Northeast regions). There’s also the Everdoor region, Furogawa, Industrial District, and Oxbury region.

Question: How Many Glims Do All the Ship Upgrades Cost in Total?

Answer: You will need to spend a total of 214,950 Glims in order to get all the upgrades, on top of all the materials needed. Whilst that is a lot, by the time you reach the end of the game, you’ll have plenty of money. For context, I’ve bought all the upgrades and have nearly 300k spare, although admittedly, I’ve played a lot of extra hours. Still, money shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re making good use of your time on board your ship at night.

Question: How Do I Upgrade My Ship in Spiritfarer?

Answer: To upgrade your ship, you’ll need to visit Albert’s Shipyard on the map. There, you’ll need to talk to Albert and open the upgrades menu. You can select which upgrade you want, and Albert will immediately install it as soon as you pay him the required materials.


Spiritfarer is an incredible game with so many places to explore, and so many awesome features to discover. Upgrading your boat is the best way to make the most of all the game has to offer. Hopefully, this guide has helped you to get the upgrades as quickly and easily as possible.

Ultimately, how you customize your boat is up to you, but with this guide you should be able to make smart decisions about which upgrades you want to prioritize. You can also easily find all the materials you need for every upgrade. I hope you have an amazing time playing it, I know I certainly did!

Spiritfarer Ship Upgrades Guide - Indie Game Culture (12)

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